Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snapshot of my collection!

Here is a snapshot of my some of my collection!

Kohner celluloid and plastic 1960s-1970s (mini and maxi)
Circus clowns and friends!
Plastic and celluloid animals 1960s-1980s (note paddle tiger 4th from right/front)
On the farm!
Wild animals!
Selection of celluloid/plastic characters from 1960s to present day.
Twin dancing puppets and bugs collection!
German(back 4 rows and front right), Italian and Czech (front left) mini puppets.
The tiny green giraffe and tiny little cats at the front are a mystery (white one is bakelite)
Tri-ang Dog English (left) Wakouwa champs (2nd left) Trix Dog USA (Middle left)
Howdy Doody flub-a-dub Kohner USA (middle left) Howdy Doody NBC Kohner USA (2nd right)
Kohner lamp-post man (right) all from 1940-1950s
Bands: The Wiggles, English Marching Band, Czech made Bug Band
Doggies! Including Snoopy, Brio classic and Pluto Gabriel .
Mixture of animals including Australian Emu and Koala!
Under the sea! I found the lobsters in San Fransisco!
French made quality including the excellent Vilac Noddy!
Merry Xmas!

Mixture including one of my first buys (english footballer centre) and one found in Canada.

Pinocchios, these were bought in Rome, large one on right was bought near St Peters Square.

2010 Japanese collection, these are plastic and stand at about 5inches!

Mixture including: Original Felix (1970s) In the Night Garden collection(2009)
Tate Artist Model (UK) ,Michellin man and Sailor from the SS Great Britain (Bristol UK)