Saturday, February 6, 2010

Exciting first week of blogging!

If you've found yourself on this page...welcome!
I'm an English girl living in Melbourne , Australia hence the name Pomsie (Pommy Australian) I suspect I might be one of the first to call myself a Pomsie?!
Why Push Puppets? About 2 years ago I found a small black cat push puppet (pic left) on my shelf and thought to myself 'I loved these when I was a kid', so I hunted out a few more! My partner felt I had discovered a hidden repressed passion which needed feeding so bought me a small yellow spotted dog (pic left) from the local market, and so it began. Now I can't stop, it is a complete obsession. I've now discovered I am not alone, there is a small passionate little community out there of "Wakouwa, Push-Up Button Puppet, Collapsing Toy, Thumb Puppet, Wackelfigur, Wackelfiguren, Wackeltiere, Wackeltier, Drückmännchen, Drücktier, Drückerfigur, Drukfigur, Drukpoppetje, Mackaci Figurky, Pupazzi, Figurine en Boiscollector" collectors (this list is thanks to one of the best collectors out there...thanks Jane Coakeley)...more of my fellow collectors to come in a future posting!...


  1. Hi Pomsie (a.k.a. my sister), I love your blog and your fantastic collection. Keep up the great work!


  2. This is so exciting and informative. I can barely resist these lovely creatures. I am going to study you. Thanks!